Fitment Guidelines

Let us help you, pick YOUR your perfect heel...

Step 1: Understanding the sizes.

At Stage Heels our ranges of heels are made in some of the best factories in the world. Our Pleaser ranges are manufactured in the United States of America and as such their sizes differ from our standard South African sizes. It is important that you check your regular South African size against our conversion tables.

Step 2: How to check your size.

 Download the attached document to assist in determining your size by clicking the link below and follow the instructions indicated hereafter:

 Download document here


  • Place the document on a flat surface like a floor. 
  • Place the edge of your heel on the line as indicated.
  • Use a pen and mark around your big toe.
  • Measure the distance from the tip of your big toe to the middle of your heel line using a cm ruler.
  • Write down this measurement. ADD 1 cm to this measurement.
  • For example: If your foot measurement was 24cm. Add 1 cm to this, now it is 25cm. Look at the table below. On the Gala range if your measurement is 25cm, the closest size would be a SA size 6. This is the correct size for you.
  • Proceed to Step 3 or alternatively email us for assistance at or Facebook message us at

Step 3: Comparing your size to our conversion tables.

SA Size Clearly Gala Cocktail Lip Caress
4 23.9cm 23.6cm 23.6cm 22.0cm 23.7cm
5 24.6cm 24.5cm 24.2cm 24.9cm 24.6cm
6 25.3cm 25.3cm 24.9cm 25.6cm 25.4cm
7 25.7cm 26.2cm 25.5cm 26.3cm 26.1cm
8 26.4cm 27.0cm 26.3cm 26.7cm 26.9cm
9 27.1cm 27.9cm 27.5cm 27.5cm 27.7cm


Step 4: Order your shoe...

 *The above steps are a guideline to assist in ordering the correct shoe size. It is the responsibility of the client to order the correct styles and sizes Stage Heels do not accept any responsibility for the ordering of incorrect sizes.